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The importance of universally understood symbols for fire control plans for use by ship’s crew and shore-based fire-fighting personnel has long been recognized. In 1989, IMO adopted graphical symbols for fire control plans (resolution A.654(16)) for use in accordance with regulation II-2/20 of SOLAS, with a view to encouraging their use on board all ships. In 2003 a new set of symbols was adopted by resolution A.952(23). The original symbols may still be used for fire control plans on board ships constructed before 1 January 2004, but Governments are urged to encourage the use of the symbols that were adopted by resolution A.952(23) for the preparation of the shipboard fire control plans required by SOLAS regulation II-2/15.2.4 for ships constructed on or after 1 January 2004.


These symbols have now been reproduced, in English, in a double-sided poster form (594 mm × 841 mm, in colour) that can be used as appropriate to the fire control plans that are on board a specific ship.

IMO847E - Symbols for Fire Control Plans, 2006 Edition

  • 2006
  • 978-92-801-42259

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