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Introducing Voyager Planning Station version 8

The new Voyager PLANNING STATION offers new levels of automation and simplicity on the bridge to keep your seafarers happy, save you time and improve vessels safety and compliance.

Safe and compliant

Be more efficient

Simplify tasks

Improve productivity


Automatically generate a route between ports to simplify route planning

An integrated port to port function automatically generates a route which can then be refined to meet specific orders and other voyage requirements.

Display navigational layers on ENCs to make better routeing decisions

Tailor your view by switching eNavigation layers on or off to refine route decisions. Access ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO), ADP, AENP, Navarea Warnings, MARPOL areas, port data and maritime security from a single screen.


Automatically identify exactly the navigational products for safe and compliant navigation

View Voyager’s product recommendations on the map or in a list, add or remove items and order those required to make navigational compliance simpler and easier.

Always have the latest chart and publication information onboard

ENC, publication updates and NtMs are automatically downloaded every week to prevent compliance issues, meaning vessels are less likely to get navigation-related observations or be detained.


Transfer ENCs to ECDIS more safely and easily

ENCs, AIO, ENC updates and permits from the back of bridge computer to the ECDIS while, at the same time, helping to protect against the transfer of malware.

Faster, easier passage plan documentation to meet PSC and vetting requirements

Use digital technology to automatically log the ENC cells, ADP, AENP, T&P, NavArea Warnings, UKC calculations and MARPOL information for each waypoint.


Optimise routes with integrated weather routeing

Voyager PLANNING STATION works with the world’s leading weather routing software to optimise routes. Choose from our partners, Meteo Group, StormGeo or WNI.

Use the same user-friendly software to manage all navigation management tasks

Everything in one place means navigators don’t have to keep switching between different software and provides a much simpler and more efficient way of working.

  • What is Voyager PLANNING STATION?
    Voyager PLANNING STATION is a software application designed to be used by mariners to simply and support the complex and time-consuming task of managing electronic and paper navigation onboard commercial vessels.
  • What's included with Voyager PLANNING STATION Professional?
    Voyager PLANNING STATION’s Professional package provides product catalogue and ordering, route planning, AVCS updating, ENC viewer, ADP and eNP updating, V-DRIVE, Navarea Warnings, MARPOL management and the ability to view other information overlays like ADMIRALTY Digital Publications. A number of other buying options are also available to meet specific fleet needs.
  • What size are the weekly update files?
    Voyager compresses update files to minimise data transmission costs. The volume of updates vessels receive can also be controlled by the user in Voyager PLANNING STATION. Using Voyager, vessels have the option to download updates for: A specific route ADP areas A user defined trading area All ENCs in their AVCS permit Voyager will continue to deliver updates on this basis until the preferences are changed. We recommend vessels use the Cloud to deliver updates because it simplifies the onboard experience, but you can also get updates via email in small package sizes to fit within specific data volume requirements. The average weekly download size is between 5 and 8 MB per week.
  • How does Voyager PLANNING STATION help protect the vessel from cyber security risks?
    Voyager PLANNING STATION connects to the Voyager Worldwide servers and downloads updates and other information via a secure connection. The free Voyager Healthcheck application scans the PC to check that virus protection is up to date and the PC is not unnecessarily exposed to security risks. The dedicated V-DRIVE USB is wiped clean every time it is reloaded with updates to remove the risk of malware being transferred to the ECDIS.
  • How does Voyager PLANNING STATION assist with MARPOL management?
    With Voyager PLANNING STATION’s Professional and Premium packages, you get a MARPOL management tool that enables the bridge team to display the MARPOL zones over ENCs and also identify where routes intersect the various MARPOL zones to provide a simple and cost-effective way to manage MARPOL regulations. The same information is available to shore based management via our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT service.
  • What are the recommended system requirements for running Voyager PLANNING STATION?
    Internet connection: 3G, GPRS, Broadband, Wifi or Iridium Openport Computer Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor (2.5 GHz Dual Core) Computer Memory: Starting from 4 GB – 8 GB (highly recommended) Hard Drive: 256 GB SSD Hard Drive (20 GB spare) Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels or higher Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10 Pro (highly recommended) Printer (paper updates only): Colour inkjet
  • What is V-DRIVE and how does this make AVCS updating simple?
    V-DRIVE is a secure USB device that provides a very simple way to manage AVCS updates. Navigating officers simply plug the V-DRIVE into a USB port on their Voyager PC to automatically download and transfer all necessary ENCs, updates and permits required to navigate safely and compliantly to the V-DRIVE and then the ECDIS.
  • How does the Voyager GPS OVERLAY provide emergency back to ECDIS and does this meet the regulations for ECDIS back up?
    Voyager’s GPS OVERLAY feature enables the Voyager PC onboard to be used as an extra back up to ECDIS. It works by connecting to either a wired or wireless AIS Pilot Plug or USB to NMEA device to provide the live vessel GPS position which is then overlaid on the latest ENCs in Voyager’s ENC viewer. This is intended as an addition to the regulatory back up – for use in extreme situations where onboard hardware has failed. It does not meet the requirements for a second ECDIS or paper back up.
  • Do my vessels need to continue to receive AVCS and digital publication update DVDs is they are using Voyager PLANNING STATION?
    No. Voyager PLANNING STATION handles all AVCS updates and New Editions remotely. There is no need for any physical AVCS CDs or DVDs to be sent to the vessel.

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