OCIMF’s STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment is an important tool that helps Ship to Ship Service Providers assess, measure and improve the safety and effectiveness of their management systems. This second edition has been updated to reflect current legislation, expectations and emerging issues and incorporates feedback from STS Service Providers and users of the first edition. It is based on the principles of the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA 3) programme that was revised in 2017.

Key updates to this edition:

  • Where applicable, the elements have been aligned with TMSA 3
  • A new element has been added that covers Maritime Security
  • The ‘Reliability and Maintenance of STS Equipment’, the ‘Due Diligence Regarding Transhipment Locations’ and the ‘STS Operations’ elements have been expanded to include new sections
  • The ‘Environmental and Energy Management’ element now incorporates the OCIMF Energy Efficiency and Fuel Management paper that was a supplement to TMSA 2
  • Elements have been streamlined and merged to improve consistency and make self assessment easier
  • The best practice guidance has been expanded to complement the key performance indicators and revised to remove ambiguity and duplication.

STS Service Provider Management and Self Assessment, Second Edition 2020

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  • Second Edition

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