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Life-Saving Signals: Answering Signals Made By Life-Saving Stations When Signals Are Seen From A Ship Or A Person In Distress 2014 Edition SOLAS No. 2.


This two-sided A5 card depicts internationally-agreed (ICAO/IAMSAR) life-saving signals to be used by ships or persons in distress when communicating with lifesaving stations, maritime rescue units and aircraft engaged in search and rescue operations.


The MCA encourages all organisations concerned with small craft to ensure that their members are made aware of the international life-saving signals, and that copies of the signals are made available to them. Mariners, whether engaged in commercial or leisure activities, must be familiar with these signals to ensure they are correctly used in distress situations. They should be displayed prominently on the ship's bridge.


This type of card is not suitable inside the liferaft.

SOLAS No. 2 A5 card

  • 2014 Edition
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