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International Chamber of Shipping presents a global trade study which outlines the protectionist trade policies being implemented by governments worldwide.


Prepared for International Chamber of Shipping by Professor Craig VanGrasstek, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, with Dr Ben Shepherd, Developing Trade Consultants, the study also shows how each country analysed can identify and reduce their restrictive measures to lower the cost of doing business and increase their share in global maritime trade, which was estimated at US$14 trillion in 2019.


Key features:

  • A Protectionism in Maritime Economies (PRIME) score, based on factors such as management and licensing rules, government integrity, and tariffs, that allows general comparison by aggregating the different measures of a country’s trade policies.
  • Detailed country profiles covering all national economies assessed in the research. Full research methodology, references and data.

Protectionism in Maritime Economies Study: Full Report

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