This publication provides guidance to port State control officers (PSCOs) on the conduct of inspections of foreign ships in order to promote consistency in the way inspections are carried out worldwide and to harmonize the criteria for deciding on deficiencies found on board relating to the ship, its equipment or its crew, as well as the application of procedures. This edition includes a new appendix 18, on 2019 Guidelines for port State control under MARPOL Annex VI chapter 3, as adopted by resolution MEPC.321(74), which provides guidance on the conduct of PSC inspections on the control of emissions from ships, and afford consistency in the conduct of these inspections, the recognition of deficiencies and the application of control procedures. It also contains amendments to both the Guidelines for port State control officers on the ISM Code (appendix 8) and the Guidelines for port State control officers on certification of seafarers, manning and hours of rest (appendix 11).

Procedures for port State control 2019, 2020 Ed

  • 2020

Canada Nautical

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