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Norie's Nautical Tables is an essential requirement for anyone learning and practicing astronavigation.

Since J W Norie published the first edition of his Complete Set of Nautical Tables and Epitome of Practical Navigation in 1803, many changes to the tables have been necessary in both content and presentation.

New tables have been included, obsolete ones deleted to conform with changing navigation techniques, to improve the accuracy of the calculated position and reduce the tedium of the calculation.

Since the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) commissioning, its proven accuracy and reliability in all weather conditions have resulted in confidence and almost unquestioning dependence on its ability to provide a vessel's position, course and speed. Its use is widespread, but the marine environment is hostile, and electronic equipment failure or the system itself is a possibility.

No prudent seafarer would proceed on an ocean passage without a reliable navigational back-up.

The Explanation is in the form of a detailed step-by-step description, by means of worked examples, of the different methods of performing navigational calculations using a scientific calculator and/or the tables.

A number of esteemed editors have worked on Norie's Nautical Tables over the years, and this edition includes new contributions from François Hugo.

Norie's Nautical Tables

  • 2022

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