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The ITU Radio Regulations facilitate equitable access to and rational use of the natural resources of the radio-frequency spectrum and geostationary satellite orbits. They also ensure the availability of the frequencies provided for distress and safety purposes and assist in the prevention and resolution of cases of harmful interference between the radio services of different administrations. Further, the regulations facilitate the efficient and effective operation of all radiocommunication services and, where necessary, regulate new applications of radiocommunication technology.
The Radio Regulations, Edition of 2020, contains the complete texts of the Radio Regulations adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference of 1995 (WRC-95) and reviewed by the subsequent World Radiocommunication Conferences: WRC-97 (Geneva, 1997), WRC-2000 (Istanbul, 2000), WRC-03 (Geneva, 2003), WRC-07 (Geneva, 2007), WRC-12 (Geneva, 2012), WRC-15 (Geneva, 2015) and WRC-19 (Sharm el-Sheik, 2019).
The 2020 ITU Radio Regulations will come into force for all signatory parties on 1 January 2021.

ITU - Radio Regulations 2020

  • 2020

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